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Les Misérables: Goodbye, Volume One

Volume One – done.

In fact, I’ve already read part of Volume Two.

Here are my list of shockers (Spoiler Alert):

Is a spoiler alert necessary on a book that’s more than 100 years old?  I don’t know…

1. Valjean goes to jail a 2nd time.  He gets a new number.

2. The scene where he takes Cosette from the innkeepers is much better in the book.  I really wish that the musical had used more of the book for that bit.  I’m not even going to explain it here.  You have to read it yourself because it’s so good.

3. Hugo likes to go on a bit about Waterloo.  Full Disclosure:  I did not read all of the Waterloo part.  I skimmed it for interesting quotes and character names.  If I ever become fascinated with French history, I’ll go back and read that book.

Les Mis Collage1Here’s a little collage with images from the musical and the book.

Back to reading.


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