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Les Misérables: Still Chipping Away

My Kindle, or my husband’s kindle rather, tells me I’m 45% of the way through Les Mis.  I finished Volume I and II and I’m working on III which is about Marius.  That is, it will be about Marius if we can get back around to talking about Marius.  So far he has only been named, and we know where he is living right now, but the part of the book I’m reading now is pages and pages of who might turn out to be Marius’ grandfather or father.  Time will tell. Hugo liked to chase rabbits.

I haven’t had time for more Les Mis drawings because I had some client work to do.  But in non-artistic news, I have made something like forty cents on zazzle.com selling Les Mis-themed products.  This is not lucrative at all, but it is fun.

You can see my store here: TatumHart Store.  I have not had time to make many drawings to sell on T-shirts, etc.  It’s mostly quotes I like from the book or designs that might make you think about the musical, although I don’t quote the musical directly because of copyrights and all that.

If you are reading Les Mis, too, send me an email and let me know where you are in the book and what you think of it.


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