Six years ago, I lived in Narberth, PA for a short time. I would walk a few times per week to the train station, and I would pass this building:

Look carefully. There’s a window in there.

But I didn’t know it was a building. I literally thought it was a bush with ivy. Turns out, it was a church.

When I saw the prompt “overgrown,” I thought of this pretty place near Narberth station.

A few years later, I went back and found this:

Looking better.

And in getting ready to write this blog post, I found out the whole church has now been converted to a house. You can see the inside here: Anyone have a million and a half dollars to spare?

One thought on “Overgrown

  1. This reminds me when I had my house. My neighbor from hell never took care of their property. I tried to block them out by planting Morning Glory on the side of my front porch so I could sit out there in peace. That crap grew so fast and got into everything. As fast as I cut it down it grew right back but it was worth the effort not to see the eyesore next door.

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