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Happy Earth Day!

Why is it an eye? I’m not sure. Did you know one of the largest Earth Day celebrations in America happens down the street from me in Dallas, TX? It’s … Continue reading

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IF- Warrior

April 10, 2015 · 1 Comment

Illustration Friday: Jagged

This week: Jagged. Poor guy.  I hope everything turns out alright.

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Where I’ve been

Good Evening Bloggy Friends, 2013 has officially been the weirdest year of my life.  I’ll have to get into all the hows and whys later.  The short version of the … Continue reading

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Where, oh where, has February gone?

February was busy.  I had to draw six coloring sheets and 3 cartoons…along with other regular-life stuff. I’m not going to post all of the coloring sheets here, but I … Continue reading

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Les Misérables: Still Chipping Away

My Kindle, or my husband’s kindle rather, tells me I’m 45% of the way through Les Mis.  I finished Volume I and II and I’m working on III which is … Continue reading

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Les Misérables: Goodbye, Volume One

Volume One – done. In fact, I’ve already read part of Volume Two. Here are my list of shockers (Spoiler Alert): Is a spoiler alert necessary on a book that’s … Continue reading

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